I’ve written several feature-length screenplays. Four of them have been optioned, and I’ve been paid for many re-writes, but none has ever been produced. Although this has been a great disappointment to me, I believe that meeting the demands of this exacting form is largely responsible for my ability to create strongly structured stories. I’ve learned a lot from screenwriting.


People I Don't Even Know

In buying his winning lottery ticket, a man of conscience crosses a sociopath who takes a series of complete strangers hostage and demands ransoms for their lives.

Ten Pages

Smart Bomb


The head of a bomb squad battles a terrorist campaign waged by sentient microchips imprisoned in the everyday devices all around us—until an unexpected friendship with one of them causes him to question his loyalties.

  Ten Pages

Falling Awake


In the near future, Greg is one of the last holdouts against The Switch, a drug that eliminates the body’s need for sleep. When his wife finally takes the pill, she suffers a rare and lethal side effect. In his search for the cause, Greg risks unraveling the very fabric of civilization.

Ten Pages